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All-New Canopy Camping System

Key Features

Strength & Convenience

The Far-Out canopy offers a range of impressive features that ensure a comfortable and convenient outdoor experience. It’s constructed with a black powder-coated aluminum alloy, providing both durability and an appealing aesthetic. Despite its lightweight design, it maintains a superior strength to weight ratio, allowing for interior storage of dirt bikes, quads, tools and work equipment and other gear.

Key Features

From lightweight construction to lockable doors, the Far-Out Canopy is in a class of its own.

  • Powder coated aluminum alloy construction
  • Lightweight yet superior strength to weight ratio
  • Corrosion resistant, UV stable, will not rust
  • Large lockable rear door access
  • Rain gutters on all openings
  • Self lowering struts for the drop down beds
  • When fully opened creates spacious interior living space
  • Two 2” mattresses and covers included
Two large side wall windows with privacy covers and mosquito screens
No ladders to climb to get up into a bed
Durable vinyl backed canvas tenting with windows and mosquito screens
Architecturally engineered roof system designed to support extended drop down beds
Optional – Large rear entry zippered private tent screen door
Durable waterproof tenting with 6 windows and mosquito screens

Included Features


One of the standout features is its resistance to corrosion, UV stability, and rust prevention. This ensures that the canopy withstands the elements and will stay in excellent condition over time. All Far-Out canopies have rain gutters installed on all openings.

Secure & comfortable

For easy access, the canopy is equipped with a large, lockable rear door that can accommodate quads, motorcycles, and other equipment. The side panels are also lockable, offering added security for tools and gear. The roof system is specifically designed to support extended drop-down beds, providing a safe and comfortable sleeping space. The solid stainless steel hinges ensure durability and longevity.

Easy setup & maintenance

For added convenience, the canopy features self-lowering struts for the drop-down beds, allowing for effortless setup. Two 2″ high-density mattresses with washable covers are included. The tenting is made from durable, mildew-resistant material, providing you with longevity and cleanliness. The canopy includes all tenting, supports, and LED lighting.

Private & spacious

Enjoy ample natural light and ventilation with six large windows, featuring privacy covers and mosquito screens. When fully opened, the canopy creates a spacious interior living space. An optional large rear entry zippered private tent screen door provides easy access to the interior while keeping bugs out.

Base Price

The base price for the canopy is $18,600 USD

Experience the ultimate outdoor adventure with our feature-rich Far-Out Canopy, designed to provide comfort, durability, and convenience wherever your journey takes you. Please email us at with your name, truck model, phone number and preferred method of contact to begin your order request.

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We also offer various customization options to suit individual preferences. These options include:

  • 175w flexible solar panel installed with wiring into unit $690
  • Heater, diesel/propane, installed $2,150
  • Electric generator, mounted $1,475
  • Two side mounting rails(per side) $195
  • Back door rails $195
  • Wall mounted storage with machine cut logo $275
  • Storage netting, front $125
  • Storage netting, nose $145
  • Curtains/rails $300
  • Step/handle(per side) $40
  • Bed extension with mattress $375