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All-New Canopy Camping System

Our Story

Welcome to Far-Out Camping Company

Get Far-Out

Like many outdoor enthusiasts our family and friends love to camp. We like to get Far Out, away from the crowds. Our many activities include dirt biking,  quadding, fishing, mountain biking, and white water rafting.

New Concept

This new concept in camping is ideal for anyone with a pickup truck. The all-aluminum construction is lightweight and strong, and the lockable doors keep your toys, equipment and tools safe. When you get to your camp spot, you just drop the side doors and in minutes your two beds are ready and you have a spacious interior camping unit. The patent pending design leaves no comparison to the tight space in any canopy/tent or full-size camper currently on the market. With the canopy installed, you still retain the full pickup truck box to use any way you wish (plus, we think it looks pretty cool too).

Features and Pricing

From Overnight to Overlanding

Whether you’re going for one night or one month, Far-Out canopy has what it takes. The unique patent pending design gets you the comfort of a trailer with the space utilisation of a pickup truck. We had a need for a system like this, and when we couldn’t find the solution, we built it ourselves. This is how the Far-Out Canopy was born. Now, there’s nothing holding you back from getting Far-Out.

How it works